How to Burn DVR-MS Files to DVD?

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Nowadays the computer is becoming more and more convenient; lots of Windows users prefer to watch TV programs by using the Windows Media Center. So here comes the problem, all of these TV shows played on the Windows Media Center are in DVR-MS format, which is not supported by DVD player.That is to say, we can’t watch such TV shows on DVD player directly if you want to import some favorite programs to DVD discs so that you can view them on your home DVD player or big TV screen after recording the TV shows. Therefore, I’ll be here to help you solve this problem today.

Part 1: What is DVR-MS?

First of all, we need to know what DVR-MS is. It’s not hard to find out from the Internet; DVR-MS is a proprietary video and audio file container format, developed by Microsoft used for storing TV content recorded by Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows Vista and Windows 7. In short, DVR-MS is a container format to store TV content recorded by Windows.

Part 2: Why need to Convert DVR-MS to DVD?

From above we know that the purpose of DVR-MS is that to store TV shows recorded by Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows Vista and Windows 7. That means DVR-MS is a format specifically used for Windows media. There is no doubt that DVR-MS is not supported by the DVD player. The DVD player may play various formats just like DVD, CD, MPEG-2 and Divx AVI. Even then, DVR-MS is not including in these supported lists. In other hands, if you want to view DVR-MS files on your home DVD player or big TV screen, the most direct way to solve this problem is to convert DVR-MS to DVD. You may ask me here, is there any DVR-MS to DVD converter we can use to burn DVR-MS to DVD. Fortunately, the answer is yes, what I’m going to do is to introduce you a useful DVR-MS to DVD burner to you.

Part 3: Burn DVR-MS to DVD with DVR-MS to DVD Burner – Leawo DVD Creator

For a lot of people who first try to convert DVR-MS to DVD, a reliable piece of software is essential and it can help you to complete the conversion. Fortunately there is an excellent DVR-MS to DVD burner I want to introduce to you – Leawo DVD Creator.

Leawo DVD Creator is an all-in-one DVD creator which is able to let you burn DVR-MS to DVD so that you can watch on any standard DVD player and TV. Besides DVR-MS, it can also burn video in almost all popular formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV and 3GP. In addition, you can even design disc menu and template by yourself. For further function, Leawo DVD Creator can help you convert 2D video to 3D DVD movie and make your video more artistic as long as you want.

Now in this part I will show you the detail about how to use Leawo DVD Creator to burn DVR-MS to DVD. Before that, you need to download and install Leawo DVD Creator first.

Step 1: Import source DVR-MS video

Click the “Add video” button to add the DVR-MS files you want to burn or just drag and drop source videos directly into the video to a DVD burner for burning.

Step 2: Set output format and details

You can set the output format by calling out the drop-down list at the bottom of the main interface. It can also help you to adjust the order of imported video as well as edit audio track and subtitle.

Step 3: Set disc menu

In addition to burning DVR-MS to DVD, Leawo DVD Creator offers a wide variety of preset disc menu templates in different themes like Standard, Business, Education, Childhood, Holiday, etc. You can click the “eye” button to get an instant preview of the disc menu after finishing your DIY disc menu. If you choose “No Menu” the output video will keep its original style.

Step 4: Do burning setting and start burning

Finally, insert a writable DVD disc to your DVD drive and tap the green “Burn” button. A panel on the right side will be called out and it can help you to do some burning settings. After selecting the output destination and renaming the output file, click the “Burn” button again to start the burning.

After a while, the burning process will be completed. Now you successfully burn the DVR-MS to DVD without quality loss. And then you can play the DVR-MS files on your DVD Player or TV freely.

To sum up, Leawo DVD Creator is a reliable program which is worth trying for you to burn DVR-MS to DVD. As you can see, Leawo DVD Creator is easy to use and its fantastic functions are turned up trumps and the operation is simple. I think it is the best choice for you to burn DVR-MS to DVD and you must get the best conversion experience by using Leawo DVD Creator.
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